Bobs Red Mill Oatmeal

If you are anything like me, you normally cant stand the thought of oatmeal. There is just something about the texture, that really turns you away from the food. This was my thought process, until I received a Moms Meet box to try with my mom group, that contained Bobs Red Mill oatmeal cups. These […]

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Ultimate Taco Night

Well tonight I gave a new trend a try. Hormel taco meats shredded pork really took off for my dinner tonight. My whole family was in love with this new trend. To achieve my Ulitmate Taco these are the steps that I completed 1.) Flour Tortilla 2.) make refried beans in a pot with a […]

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I got accepted, I got accepted. This is my first voxbox, and I was so excited when I saw this box sitting on my door step. Every product received in this box was free in exchange for a review, how exciting is this. I get to help people in their new product decision making, at […]

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